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The Grecostyle-Mosaic is new construction company with 3 new stores in the center of Moscow Russia, but in the construction site 26 years and specializes in the sale of mosaics and tiles, except that sales and undertake the construction or the repair or reconstruction of your space, your home or your business.
The Grecostyle-mosaic also offers a wide variety of colors, textures and sizes will suit any budget and aesthetic design. Specializing in ceramic design mosaic consisting of glass, natural stone, metal, shell and gold, our products are used in a variety of settings from residential and shopping indoors, decorative panels, architectural features, swimming pools and saunas, paintings, tapestries and other custom design capabilities. Looking to select one of our products, but do not know where to start?

The Grecostyle-Mosaic provides a full range of services related to the selection of mosaics - as well as assisting in the calculation of the required amount of material required for installation. Qualified and experienced staff allow customers to easily navigate their way through the wide range of goods on offer, their specific uses, and the application process.
Our goal is the direct service and our expertise to provide an update even by raft that will amaze you with materials and standard as our work and the European know-how combined with the Greek cultural spirit.
The Grecostyle-Mosaic aims for more than 10.000 samples of about 8.500 hitherto from mosaic tiles combined economic price and quality from our wide selection.
Our aim is to serve you and visit your site if necessary by undertaking work for the best results of your work.
We deliver to your site after telephone agreement.
Our head office is in Moscow Russia and we belong to the competent tax economic zone.

Каширский Двор.